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  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Guide
  • Treating Depression with a Co-occurring Substance Abuse Disorder
  • Depression is a common illness that can be devastating if untreated. People who suffer from depression often turn to alcohol or drugs to feel better but end up developing another dangerous condition instead...
  • Advanced Recovery Systems ~ Co-Occuring Disorder Treatment
  • Addiction Center Website
  • THE RECOVERY VILLAGE, Grief & Substance Abuse
  • Elite Rehab Placement
  • Find a Drug Treatment Center Near You, USA
  • RehabCenter.net, USA
  • Alcohol Rehab Guide, USA
  • Beyond Surviving Suicide

    Mark Henick shares his experience with us.

    Practical Information immediately following a loss by suicide
    Why it is beneficial to attend a support group:

  • Article by Kevin Caruso of Suicide.org
  • How a Support Group helped Fran Morrison, by Elizabeth Patterson, CB Post

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  • Alliance of Hope for Survivors
  • How a TED talk saved someone

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